Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Not Your Mama's Stroller

Just imagine if you had an endless aid station on your next long training run.  This aid station has all of your favorite snacks, drinks, and of course beer!  I know, this is an ultra runner's version of a wet dream but it can also be a reality.

In my latest YouTube video, with help from Ultra Flunkie D, I reviewed the Thule Chariot Cross.  This stroller is a multisport, bike, and cross-country trailer that is also an amazingly capable jogging stroller.  If you want to see more, follow the link at the end of this post.

Now, I know you are wondering why are we discussing jogging strollers especially in conjunction with aid stations.  Many of us have families that we are trying to work our running schedule around.  In my family, my wife has her own sport that she is obsessed with, I mean competes in, that requires her to travel weekly for practice or out-of-town races on the weekends.  (Dragon Boat racing is a cult and nobody can convince me otherwise). This usually means that Ultra Flunkie D and I are hanging out together.  I still have my miles to get in during the week and I really hate running on the road.  This led me to search for a jogging stroller that can truly go on the types of trails that I prefer to run at the same time safely protecting my little man.  This led me to Thule.

Running with a stroller is not just for the moms.  Imagine running your ten miles or 20 mile runs pushing a sled the whole way.  You are going to either be pushing a load or pulling against an apposing force depending if you are running up or down hill.   This engages additional muscles, especially in our core, that we typically ignore during our normal training sessions.  Trust me your back and gluteus will be speaking to you the next day.  An added bonus is that you are sharing your passion for the outdoors with the little person or persons you created.  Thats a lot better than allowing them to just sit in front of the electronic babysitter.

Ok Ok, now to that amazing aid station I enticed you with at the begging of this ramble session.  Many of us that run ultras do it because we are just that crazy and not just for races.  This means there are times that we find trails that need to be tackled and the running is not the most difficult part, the logistics are our biggest hurdle.  Personally, I love the C&O Canal Tow
Path.  It just happens to be approximately 50 miles from Great Falls to Harpers Ferry.  There are only a few places someone can drop off supplies to me while running but I have found a way around that.  A well designed jogging stroller can provide a rolling aid station that is tailored specifically to your needs.  I like to have battery packs, first aid supplies, caffeine, extra clothing, and a variety of snacks on hand.  You never know what you or someone you come across on the trail may need.  The best part of the Thule is it can be set up to be pushed as a jogging stroller or pulled like a rickshaw.  It also can hold approximately 95 pounds and has a waterproof cover.  Essentially I have everything and anything I need at any point.  Perfect!

So next time you see someone running with a stroller, remember, they are putting much more effort in their run than those floating past them.  If they look way too happy to be running then its probably some Sailor Jerry's and coke in the cup holder.

Ultra Flunkie's Thule Chariot Cross Review

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