Sunday, February 23, 2020

Am I worth it?

Am I worth it?  Wait, no, I am not asking about myself.

I am talking about hiring a personal coach.  Now, there are many reasons why we look for coaches.  We may want to build up our mental resilience with a mental coach, lose some weight and get stronger with a personal trainer, maybe prepare to audition for Britain's Got Talent with a singing coach, or most importantly become more efficient a running with a cool running coach.  Ok, that last part was half a joke, I am really cool.

So the first thing we do is start scouring the internet looking for coaches.  We find a coach that meets our requirements but then talk ourselves out of the follow through.

Why is that?  Usually we back out for one or multiple of the following reasons.
1. Commitment - We are not willing to set aside the time required or our work/life balance is out of wack.
2. Nerves - We feel that we are not prepared, will be embarrassed, or hesitant about spending time with a complete stranger.
3. Cost - This is probably the most prevalent reason. We can't bring ourselves to pay for the coaching.

I admit, depending on the type of coaching and the individual, a personal coach can be expensive.  This is where you have to ask yourself, "Am I worth it"?  If you are pondering this question for more than a nano second, just stop!  The answer to that question is and always will be YES!  We all need that guidance, motivation, and push out of our comfort zone from time to time.  A coach will help us set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals.  You should see a coach as another tool to reach your goals the same as your bike, treadmill, or metronome.

Just like a pair of running shoes, you have to do your research and find a coach that is a right fit for you.  I can't tell you that you should take the jump without giving some tips on picking the right, just kidding.

1. Personality - This is probably the most important aspect of selecting a coach.  Your personality and the coaches personality has to mesh.  This does not mean you have to be friends.  What I mean is, are you are motivated by bubbly encouragement, or you need to have drill instructor's hot breath and spit spraying over forehead and spattering all over your cheeks? That is the type of coach you need to find. Bonus piece of info- don't get a coach that says they can be whatever you need.  We all can tell who is faking the funk.

2. Scheduling - Yes, there is some sacrifices you have to make to fit your training into your schedule into your life schedule but your coach also has to be willing to work with you developing you schedule.  If they are not willing to help you succeed then swipe left.

3. Focus - Not all coaches in a field have the same focus or speciality.  So make sure you have an open dialogue when interviewing a coach. Yes - you should interview them because you hiring them, and find out if they have the knowledge and/or capability to get you to your goal.  For example if you are trying to run your first marathon you would not hire a sprint coach.  Both are running coaches but their specialties are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

4. Price - This is sort of contentiousness as a coach telling you to negotiate price but again I refer you back to #3 and the fact that you are hiring the coach.  If you really want or need a coach but you can't afford to hire one then you are back at square one.  To negotiate price check how often you are actually capable of training, time frame of your training process, the amount of contact with the coach, or tweaking your current training program.

So in closing, you ARE worth it.  Find a coach and reach your goal because hiring a coach is an investment in yourself.

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