Ultra Flunkie's Approved Products & Companies

Running Vests

- Orange Mud:  (Discount Code:F15Stephenlittlewood) This company has hydration vest/packs from minimalist style for short runs to large volume and storage capacity for your next adventure along the AT or PCT.  A most purchase is the towel that zips to become a seat cover.  This thing is a life savor after runs and is super absorbent!!


- Altra:  What can I say.  Zero drop, cushioned, and wide toe box.  What more can you ask for? How about the fact that they produce road and trail shoes.  Absolutely love the Torin for the long road runs and the Lone Peak 3.5 & 4 for the trails.


- XOSkin:  Amazing base layers and socks.  No seams, comfortable (not compression), thermal regulating, no chafing, and oder fighting.  Small veteran owned company with great customer service.

- SheFit:  I have to take my wife's word for it, even though I did find it comfortable, that these are the best sports bras on the market.  They are extremely adjustable, gravity defying, and durable sports bras for all shapes and sizes.  A female athlete developed and owned company.


- Squirrel's Nut Butter:  All natural products to prevent chafing, heal skin, and pain relief.  Absolutely a required product for any run in high humidity, long distance, windy, extreme temperatures, or if your skin just hates itself while running.  Your thighs and nipples will thank you.

- Trail Toes: If you are looking for information, products, or kits to take care of your feet while running, ie blister care, then Trail Toes is your company.  You can purchase just the salve to protect what toe nails you still have left or purchase a full blister kit to put in your hydration vest.  You never know if you are a fellow trail runner will need saving and you are nowhere near an aid station.  I do believe that this is also a Veteran owned company.


- Ten Junk Miles:  Truly a middle of the pack runner's podcast by runners.  The show is produced in two formats.  The Gang Show is produced in a manner of running buddies, similar to the constant BS that you would have with the new friends you made at the aid station with the beer and Fireball.  The Long Runs are hosted solely by Scotty and are a one-on-one deep dive into the life of someone that he finds interesting, and so will you after listening. 

- Training for Ultra:  Hosted by Rob Steger, author of the book by the same title, and brings a mix of elite athletes, middle of the packers, and other amazing guest.  Steger's goal, much like our own, is to motivate, inspire, and get you off the couch and outdoors running.  If you follow the ultra community or want to get a deeper understanding of it, this is the podcast for you.

- Becoming Ultra: Scott Jones is an ultra runner that is truly passionate about his sport but also helping others realize their goals.  His website, blog, and podcast are inspiring and actually useful.  Scott also provides coaching programs that culminate by you tackling an ultra marathon.  In Scott's words, "I believe that the biggest challenges and most epic adventures are not reserved for a special class of human. I believe that every human is special and can go fro it when they truly believe they can".

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