Thursday, September 5, 2019

Not Why, But Who! (Not the Dr.)

My Who & Why
 If you listen to a podcasts, read running related books, or read other running blogs you will notice that many say, "You have to identify the Why you run."  That is the key to developing your mental toughness and mindset.  I agree that eventually you must determine the why, but it is not the first or most important interpersonal discussion to have.  My goal is to inculcate you with the understanding that you are capable of not just running but achieving distances much further than you currently believe is possible.  A portion is physical and the other is mental.  How much each has an effect is highly debated but the fact that both are required is agreed upon.

"Well, who are you? (who are you? who, who, who who) I really want to know.... Now that song is stuck in your head, I got you where I want you (I want you, want you).  Sorry, I just can't help myself (if you are completely lost right now then I am not sure we can be friends­čśĆ).  Ok, back to the point, Who!  Before you can even begin to unravel the "why" you run you must identify "who" you are and does that match who you want to be.  Are you a father, mother, daughter, son, sister, brother, teacher, mentor, role model, addict, or falling apart? Take a real look at your lifestyle, your habits, the way to interact with others, how do you come off to others?  This is difficult because you have to separate the impulse to paint the picture of who you want to be or traits you wish you had as the way you are now.  Once you have given yourself a really good once over now ask yourself, "Can I be better and am I the person I want or need to be?"

My Editor and Why
I recommend picking your normal running distance and add at least 25% more distance for this discussion.  You need to really wear yourself down both physically and mentally.  No matter what answer you come up with you should now have the opening to the "why."  If you are using physical activity to redefine your life because you want to improve who you are then you just found your why.  If you love your life and running is an integral part of your life then now you are closer to the why.  You get the point, right?  Who then Why.

What are your thoughts?

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