Monday, June 29, 2020

Monday Mindset and Motivation Series

Long time no speaky everyone!

Sorry for the absence but man did COVID really throw us for a loop.  As we try to get back to some form of normalcy I want to start a new series of posts: Monday Mindset and Motivation.  Maybe I need to put this on a coffee mug... Cha-Ching?! Ok, back to reality. Monday is usually the beginning of the week for all of us.  No matter if it's the first day of work week or the first day of your weekly training cycle, we want to think about our mindset and what motivates us to keep doing our thang until the weekend.  I want to provide all of you, and even me, a reminder and some understanding on how our mindset affects our decision making and reaction to the environment around us.  This includes discussing motivation; what is it, where do we obtain it, how do we increase it, and can I grab it - bop it - shake it - pull it - twist it?  Ok, not the last one.  IF you got that reference you were a lucky kid growing up!

So to begin, let us just think about the word "mindset"? 
It's the little things...
What does it mean to you? Can you identify yours?  Mindset is basically the set or established attitude you hold towards a noun (person, place, thing, idea, concept, belief).  Think about all the different mindsets you have.  Are they all good, or bad, mixed?  Do you think you can change yours? Like admitting pineapple on pizza is actually amazing!  Of course it is, you shouldn't even have to contemplate that discussion with yourself.

Ponder this until next week.

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